Administrative Data Research Facility (ADRF) Documentation

This guide covers all of the basics users need to know when working in the ADRF. It provides helpful illustrations for common user tasks. Furthermore it outlines best practices of using the system, connecting to the ADRF, accessing and working within ADRF project workspaces, and using common tools in the ADRF environment.

ADRF Overview

The ADRF was developed by the Coleridge Initiative at New York University with the mission of building the capacity needed to accelerate the effective use of new data.


ADRF uses a web-application for user onboarding. This section provides a walktrough of the onbarding procedure every user has to undergo in order to access the workspace.

Using the ADRF

The ADRF provides its users with multiple tools to manage their projects and data analysis. This includes a data explorer to find out what data is available in the ADRF and what other researchers using these data sources have published, an automated workflow to submit projects and manage data use agreements, and different software packages for data analysis.


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